Vanadium CrossFit offers Olympic (OLY) lifting sessions twice every week. These classes are a combination of Olympic lifting, powerlifting and technique work to help you improve and perfect your Olympic lifts: the Clean & Jerk (C&J) and Snatch.
The Cage

Maria OLYSyd OLY

C&J and Snatch

The C&J and the Snatch are technical, dynamic and demand explosiveness. These lifts start from the ground and take the body through a full range of motion into a fully extended overhead position.

Advanced Programming

Our bi-weekly OLY classes offer you an opportunity to perfect these lifts with a qualified and experienced trainer.  The mission of the class is to improve your weightlifting technique with advanced programming.  

All Experience Levels

Beginners will focus on proper Grip, Position and Stance (GPS), before adding weight and speed. Our intermediate and advanced lifters will focus on refining technique, increasing speed and adding weight.  

These sessions are open to everyone after completing On Ramp and 2-3 months of CrossFit. These classes are included in all Vanadium CrossFit memberships at no additional cost.