Athlete of the Month

November | Neda Diaz

Neda Diaz is a hard working and dedicated member of the Vanadium family. It is hard to believe she’s only been coming since January! Even with the constant demands of a young baby girl, Neda continues to make CrossFit a priority. Like many of us, CrossFit is her release and an important part of her day. Neda says, “The thing I love most about the box is that everyone is so encouraging. There are times when I get frustrated because I’m so exhausted and just want to stop and there’s always someone there telling me, ‘Come on, Neda, you got this!’” You are a joy to coach, Neda. Congratulations on being November’s Athlete of the Month!

October | Nicole Karsten

Hailing from Michigan, Nicole is an Army instructor at Fort Sam Houston. She is an experienced CrossFitter with a drive for excellence. She has great technique and a 'get it done' attitude. She is making an awesome comeback after a shoulder dislocation set her back in the summer. She never misses a workout, even when she was limited in what her shoulder could do. If you don't know Nicole, you're missing out. She's awesome! She's a dedicated member of the 5am crew. We are thrilled to celebrate Nicole as October's Athlete of the Month!

September | David Diaz

Congrats to Vanadium CF athlete David on all his hard work and dedication. David loves Vanadium CF. One of the most important things for him is just pushing himself beyond his limits. He's very quiet, but don't let his silence fool you. He's a beast! Fun fact about David is that he hates running, but he still shows up to the box. That's what athletes do! Since he began he has lost over 25Ibs.  
Keep at it David and congrats on being September athlete of the month!

August | Clair Strom

Motivated, dedicated, and virile are among the long list of words to describe Clair as an athlete. She recently took her Texas Bar Exam and graduated from St. Mary’s with her degree in law. Whether it is the Texas Bar Exam, her Olympic lifts, or competing in a CrossFit competition, whatever she put her mind to she gets it done. Her character during those events is truly inspiring. Even though she has been with the box for only a few months, she has fit right into the Vanadium family. If you have yet to WOD with her, believe me when I say she’s an athlete that will push you to do your best.  Congratulations Clair, well earned!

July | Camilo

Congratulations to our July athlete of the month Camillo. The father of two, husband, and soldier has shown tremendous progress in his CrossFit journey. This month he is set to deploy. Among the other titles he proudly demonstrates, he’s also a hero. Thank you for your service Camillo and see you in a few months. God speed!

June | Lindsay Avants

How do I begin to explain Lindsay's personal journey inside and outside of the box. I initially met the Avants roughly 2.5 years ago during a brief conversation over the phone. Looking for something more challenging, the couple had spent a good amount of time giving personal training and other cross training classes a try. My first impression of Lindsay was that I Knew she was a natural and competitive spirited athlete. I learned that she had spent her high school years playing basketball and softball and unfortunately acquiring a few knee injuries along the way. After a good year of CrossFit under her belt she had exacerbated an old injury which required surgery. It would have been so easy for Lindsay to give up and sideline herself but that was just not part of her character. Completing her was able to recover from an ACL reconstruction with a hamstring graft. With new PR's in several areas (post-surgery) Lindsay has continued to attack workouts while teaching us all that injuries shouldn't define us. I get excited watching her perform strict pull-ups, then nonchalantly grabbing a barbell to hit some heavy snatches. Lindsay is a full-time Pharmacist, wife and athlete that continuously reminds us of what we are all capable of doing. Each day she walks through the door with a great attitude and her usual 3 or 4 bags in her hand (LOL). Vanadium CrossFit is beyond blessed to have a committed and passionate sister that we all love. Congratulations, Lindsay!

May | Nathan Broom & Katie Wagner

Nathan has been a great addition to the 5am class. He's always smiling and ready to go. His dedication shows as he's lost 30 pounds since starting just a few months ago! Nathan is easy to coach and always looking forward to learning new moves. Nathan & Katie drive quite a few miles to get to the box, but walk in together ready for 3..2..1 every day. It seemed fitting for these two to be Athletes of the Month together. Now if Coach David can just help Nathan master that hand stand push up! Congratulations Nathan on being May's Athlete of the Month!  

Katie is quiet, but tough also describes her pretty well. Her first day of CrossFit she came close to passing out. Most of the time when this happens you don't see the athlete again. Not Katie! She's was back the next day and has been dedicated to her 5am class since. Katie is very coachable and it shows as she finishes each WOD quicker & heavier than she thinks she can. Last week Katie fell off the box and got up scraped and bleeding. Tough...she got up and kept going with blood dripping down her legs until time was up. Congratulations Katie on being chosen as May's Athlete of the Month!

April | Roxy LaRoque

Roxy walked into Vanadium CrossFit a little over 1 year ago. Every so often a wonderful soul joins your gym and blesses the entire family. Easy to coach and a quick learner, Roxy has completely embraced the CrossFit community. After that first sip of FitAid, you can guarantee she will be giving it her all during every WOD. Roxy knows it’s not about having the RX next to her name nor being able to lift the most weight; rather it’s about pushing yourself to do new things during the 1 hour she has in the box. Your passion for the sport and that fiery spirit is exactly what every box hopes to have. Congratulations Roxy!

February | Harold Williams

Harold was very hesitant about joining CrossFit. He knew he wanted to get into shape; but didn't think he would fit in (as everyone does). He started as the quiet one at 5am. Never asking questions, never making noise, just quietly completing his WOD. Then all of a sudden you see Harold with his own personal equipment. First an abmat; then knee pads and wrist wraps. Next a jump rope. He was hooked!! He's at the box 4 or 5 times a week and attending the Olympic Weightlifting classes. Hopefully he now feels like part of the Vanadium family! You can hear Heidi in the morning when Harold doesn't show up; 'Where's Harold!' She says they are the two 'H's.' The minute you meet Harold and shake his hand, will have you intimidated. Harold is a natural CrossFitter. Harold, can you butterfly?? Harold hops on the bar and begins to butterfly pull-up. Harold, can you handstand walk? Harold, places his hands on the ground and begins walking. Harold is a natural talent. Not much this guy can’t do. Harold is busy at his job as a Master Electrician and has two sons, one in college at UTSA, and one at Madison High School.  Now if we can just get him to count his reps and rounds he'll be set! It’s been an honor to coach and train Harold!! Congrulations, Harold!

January | Maria Martinez

Congratulations to our Vanadium CrossFits Maria Martinez, as our January Athlete of the month. Maria joined our team just under 5 months ago. Fairly new to the CrossFit scene, she has completely embraced the culture and community which is the heart of what we do. Maria is one of those athletes that always has a positive attitude and is someone we all enjoy working out with. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get everything done in 1 short hour, Maria always finds time to come in early to foam roll and stays late to work on some pull ups. She came from a dancing background and was looking for something new. I recall asking her how her dancing was coming along and her response was priceless. 'I kinda haven't been dancing lately. I LIKE CROSSFIT.'  We are all blessed to have you as a part of our V23 crew and we look forward to watching you grow as an athlete and as a person. Congratulations, Maria!