On Ramp

While we are eager to let you loose on the WOD, we are foremost committed to the safety and knowledge of our athletes. Our On Ramp program is an essential first step in ensuring your enjoyment and longevity as a Vanadium CrossFit member.

Coach Jerry

Why On Ramp?

On Ramp is a series of three sessions where you are led through the fundamental movements of CrossFit and introduced to Olympic lifting techniques. These exercises form the building blocks of each WOD. Mastery comes with experience and the first step is exposure through On Ramp.

When is On Ramp?

On Ramp is conducted on a weekly basis in small groups of 1-3 new members. Coach Jerry 2

What is On Ramp?

The program consists of three days of intentional and focused attention on you, our new athlete. You will learn CrossFit's basic movements (press, squat, lifting heavy stuff off of the ground) and variations thereof.

Day one:   90 minutes- The 9 Functional Movements  
Day two:   60 minutes - Review & Clean
Day three: 60 minutes - Review & Snatch

The cost of On Ramp is $99.

What's Next?

After these three sessions, you are released to participate in any V23 WOD session.

Completion of On Ramp is required for all new Vanadium athletes. Exceptions will be made for those joining the box with three or more months recent CrossFit experience where similar instruction (On Ramp or Elements) was completed.

Ready to Get Started?

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