Class Schedule

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Vanadium CrossFit members,

Please sign up for the classes at least 2 hours prior to class start so that we can plan accordingly.
March Announcements/Reminders:

1) Bible Study is on Wed at 6:30PM at the box.  Everyone is welcome!!

2.) Save the Date for the upcoming Memorial Day MURPH - May, Monday 28th - HERO WOD.  9am and 10am class only.

3.) Save the Date for the annual V23 River Trip Party on Saturday, June 16th all day; Location at KL CLIFFSIDE: 5300 River RD, New Braunfels, TX 78132,   on the Guadalupe River. Details TBD.

4.) Summer Strength Program - Kicks off May 7th for 12 weeks.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be focused on a different lift.  Snatch (Mondays), Clean (Wednesday), and Jerk (Friday).  Don't miss out.

5.)  Save the date for the annual 6 week TEAM Nutrition Challenge in the month of JUNE.  More details to come.  Sign ups available on the white board at the box beginning 5/13.


May 24,2018
5:00amCrossfit classCoach E
6:00amCrossfit ClassCoach E
8:30amCrossfit classCoach E
4:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach E
5:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach E
6:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach C
7:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach C


May 25,2018
5:00amCrossFit ClassCoach E
6:00amCrossFit ClassCoach E
8:30amCrossFit ClassCoach Li
12:00pm12 - 1pm Open GymCoach N
12:30pmCrossFit 101 Fitness 12:30pmCoach N
4:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach M
5:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach N
6:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach N


May 26,2018
8:15amGymnastics CrossFitCoach G
9:30amCrossfit ClassCoach N
10:30amBoot CampCoach N
10:30amElementsCoach C
12:00pmOlympic LiftingCoach Lu


May 27,2018
1:00pmOpen Gym 1:00pm - 2:30pmCoach N


May 28,2018
5:00amCrossfit ClassClosed Today
6:00amCrossfit ClassClosed Today
8:30amCrossfit ClassClosed Today
9:00amCrossfit Class MURPHCoach E
10:00amCrossfit Class MURPHCoach E
11:00amCrossfit Class MURPHCoach E
12:00pmOpen Gym 12pm-1:00pmClosed Today
12:30pmCF101 Fitness 12:30- 1:30pmClosed Today
4:30pmCrossfit ClassClosed Today
5:30pmCrossFit ClassClosed Today
6:30pmCrossfit ClassClosed Today


May 29,2018
5:00amCrossFit ClassCoach E
6:00amCrossfit ClassCoach E
8:30amCrossfit ClassCoach J
4:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach M
5:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach M
6:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach N
7:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach N


May 30,2018
5:00amCrossfit ClassCoach Li
6:00amCrossFit ClassCoach Li
8:30amCrossfit ClassCoach J
12:00pmOpen Gym 12pm-1:00Coach J
12:30pmCF 101 FitnessCoach J
4:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach M
5:30pmCrossFit ClassCoach C
6:30pmCrossfit ClassCoach C
6:35pmBible Study His Strength Not MineCoach J
7:30pmOlympic LiftingCoach Lu


May 31,2018
5:00amCrossfit classCoach E
6:00amCrossfit ClassCoach E